SEO – Does it pay?

Ok – you have a great looking website. Now, other than yourself and perhaps your business associates and clients (who you will notify after your new site has been activated) who else knows about your site – new, redesigned or otherwise?


People won’t find your site by accident - you will need to promote your new site. So how do you do it? Well, you could call new prospects and direct them to your site. You could also offer a value added feature – a contest, a give-away or something similar. But again, the general public won’t get your message unless you contact them directly via email lists, for example. Perhaps the right question to ask yourself is, “how do I attract new business prospects”? That’s a good question, because if no one know who you are or even what your website address is, how will they find your site?

You could write a press release and/or write articles, but unless you are someone skilled in writing press releases or articles, you might not get your message across. You could submit the site to web directories (which isn’t the best idea) or advertise your business in the newspapers. But depending on the newspaper, the edition, the day and placement within the paper, it could cost anywhere from $1000-$2000 for a 4x4” advert – for one issue. You’d better hope to sell a lot of widgets to recoup that kind of advertising cost.

Here is one much better solution that is effective and cost-effective too!

Firstly, have your website optimized for the search engines – specifically for Google. If the site is optimized correctly, the search engines can and will index your site properly for searchers to find it. Then, to promote the site and your business out on the Interne, consider sending out an SEO press release to create some "business buzz" and begin the process of brand recognition.

These are two cost-effective and very powerful steps anyone should take to increase their website traffic, and get their company name out there on the Internet.


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