Is Responsive Design Expensive?

Is Responsive Design Expensive?

Well, it all depends on what is perceived to be "expensive". A Rolls Royce is very expensive car to drive and maintain. While a medium sized domestic sedan can be very affordable.

Like cars, website design and development costs can increase with the amount of "bells and whistles" you want included. In the case of a car, if you want leather seats, moon roof and crash-avoidance technology, the costs can really add up.

With websites, especially responsive design sites, it is crucial that you thoroughly address your "needs". What do you want the site to do? Do you want it slick with high-end visuals, or do you want a site that is information-rich?

Some clients want informational sites, but want to encourage return visitors, capture email addresses, offer sales incentives and/or list products and services for sale. In this case, you need an e-commerce module and payment gateway to process the sales.

So, the answer to the questions: "Is responsive design Expensive?", the answer is probably no, but again, it really depends on what you want the site to do for you.

For more on this - check out our Responsive Design page.

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