What is blogging?

So what is "blogging"?

Blogging can be described many ways. We look at "blogging" as an ongoing account of commenting, writing or engaging in conversations in a post format either on your own website, or another website on the Internet.

So, why do people blog? There are many reasons to blog, which can include expressing interests in some things you are passionate about, sharing your experiences or knowledge on a particular subject, making contact with like-minded individuals and even to improve or refine your skills as a writer, just to mention a few reasons.

The points in the previous paragraph are just a few reasons as to why someone might want to blog. But, from a website owners standpoint, why would you want to blog about your own website, products and/or services?

From a content standpoint, a site owner blogging about their "wares" could be viewed as a strategy designed to impart information about one's products or services which in turn could be considered a marketing strategy. So it goes, that if you contact enough people to share your information with, you could end up with more business.

It all depends on where your audience "out there". And, all do to some degree have an audience, but perhaps have not made the proper connection yet. Making contact with them, and educating them about your products or services can be an important step in spreading the word about your business.

For example:

At IFM, we develop responsive design websites in Markham and Stouffville for our clients using the WordPress platform and manage those sites. So, why do we advocate responsive design? Well, it's been proven that more people are using mobile devices, and, having a mobile-friendly website will address and show an optimised version of your website on their device screens. And the more people that view your site, is a good thing. That, and the fact that a happy and informed site visitor is a potential customer.

So in our case, although we've summed up our particular focus (mobile-friendly web design and maintenance) in just one paragraph, it is better to expand on additional points of interest with respect to product/service benefits, and try to create a piece with 500 to 1000 words.

Some say a blog needs 2000+ words. Well, if you are a prolific writer, sure, why not - as long as you stay on point and don't bore the heck out of your visitors. 🙂

In our example paragraph above, we've conveyed some value and benefits of considering "responsive design". In your case, you may want to convey the importance of securing travel insurance, graphics design, the best deal on a new or used car or even why 4-colour printing can be less cost than 2-colour printing.

For everyone out there, there's a need for conversation on many subjects and on many levels. And, we, as site owners, can engage in those conversations, and measure those connections to determine trends, client demographics, spending habits and knowledge on the subjects we engage in, to help form our business strategies.

An important step in making that connection could be like telling a story. It may help those you are in contact with to better understand the driving force of your business and how you can perhaps help them solve their own problems.

So, you first have to find out where your customers are gathering online and then be able to help with issues, educate user options and generally make positive connections with those that could benefit from using your services. You can then lead them back to your own website which can offer further "validation" as to why they should choose you to help them solve their problems.

Suffice it to say, blogging can take time and effort. And you have to have some sort of interest in making connections online, communicating effectively, and making a commitment to continue to blog as you go forward. Most people think you have to spend hours every day blogging, when in fact, one post every other day would be sufficient.

So is blogging for you? Well, ask yourself if you can type 500 or so words of wisdom every few days to connect with people you can help, or even educate. As well, ask yourself if you would like to potentially grow your own business. The answer to those two questions will determine if you should consider blogging as one of your online activities.

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