My Site Has Been Hacked!

Oh No! My Site Has Been Hacked!!

You've been told by some family, friends, business associated, clients and even your website hosting company, your site has been compromised and some pretty nasty things are going on. It's one thing to get notified by family, friends or business associates, but being informed by clients or your hosting company is bad news in more ways than one.

If your site is taken down by your Hosting company:

  • At the very least, you lose some business.
  • At the very worst, you lose a lot of potential business.

Any instance of an unauthorized login usually starts with a random internet search performed by a hacker automated bot. Once a hacker is aware of a potentially vulnerable site, they will then seek to gain access, and ultimately cause damage .

What do the Hackers do once they gain access?

Hackers have been known to:

  • Install random and nasty web pages
  • Insert malicious code which spreads viruses
  • Send all sorts of offensive emails out to the world using your email servers
  • And much more...

Can your reputation could be irrefutably tarnished?

  • At the very least, hackers can damage your site and send it off-line.
  • The worst? Hackers try to inflict damage to others on the internet
  • The result? - Yes - your reputation could be severely tarnished

So, how does this sort of access happen?

The short explanation goes like this:

  • If site owners do not update the core framework files of their platform of choice (e.g. WordPress, Joomla or Drupal) the site can become vulnerable to unauthorized access.
  • It doesn't matter which platform is used, more often than not, a weak password, a faulty add-on module or plugin could allow access to hackers.
  • In the case of using WordPress as an example, plugins are used to add functionality to a website.
  • Plugins can sometimes become targets for hackers if they find a way in, via  loopholes, via exploits in the plugin's code/programming. And this type of unauthorized access can be exploited by hackers, if the plugins have not been updated.

Cleansing a site and setting things back to the way they were before a site has become compromised, at best, can be difficult, and sometimes next to impossible if precautions have not been taken on a regular basis.

So, What Can Be Done To Negate Security Breaches?

Check out our Website Security web page for more information on what we can do to protect your WordPress website from Hackers.

Do you have a WordPress site and wish to have a quote for security updates and maintenance? Contact us today. For a small price, you can have peace-of-mind.

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