Mobile Update: March 29th

Well, April 21st is approaching and Google has maintained that their Mobile Search algorithm update is still "good to go". They have advised that this update will favor websites that are "mobile-friendly".

"Mobile-friendly" means, websites that are optimized to display on mobile device screens such as tablets and smart phones, and give mobile device users the best "user experience". And, those sites will have an advantage when a search is being performed from a mobile device.

What can a site owner do? Consider redesigning your website with responsive design attributes. Responsive design has been deemed "mobile-friendly" by Google, and is like getting 3 websites in one!

So remember, if a website is not "mobile-friendly", that site will miss out on an ever growing segment of mobile search traffic by users on-the-go. Consider going "responsive" and have your site redesigned before April 21st!

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