Mobile Search Update: Feb 2015

The folks at Google have hinted in the past that they'd be looking into mobile search more closely to offer search results for users of mobile internet-enabled devices. Why? Well, with the millions of mobile Internet-enabled devices being used today, most users are not happy viewing website on their smart phones that are not mobile-friendly.

Have you tried viewing a website on your smart phone that is not optimized for viewing on your small screen? It's not easy to view those non-mobile site pages - and Google knows it.

In fact, just recently Google has sent out notices to website owners with sites that are no mobile-friendly, advising that their sites will not rank well for mobile searches.

When Google tells us what they like on our sites, that's one thing. When they send out notices telling site owners to consider going mobile, that tells a bigger story.

So, I tell prospective clients that if their site is more than two years old, it's time to consider replacing their current site with a site that is optimized for mobile search. Responsive web design provides just that - one site that is optimized for viewing on the desktop, tablet and smart phones, and it's cost-effective too!

For a quote on responsive design, call us. Servicing the GTA and York Region, we are a development company offering web design in Markham, Stouffville and the GTA.

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