Responsive Design Update

The latest mobile algorithm update from Google designed to favor responsive designs with mobile searchers, is now showing positive results for those sites created with mobile-friendly design attributes. Mobile friendly, is where a website is optimized for viewing on all types of internet device screens. This includes the desktop monitors, tablet, and smart phone screens. Although optimized sites for...
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Mobile Search: Responsive Designs Prevail!

Well, April 21'st has come and gone, and the algorithm update Google promised to promote mobile-friendly designs on mobile searches has been a bit of a "bust". To be honest, we've noticed very little changes in mobile search, and in fact, some mobile searches are still dominated by sites that are not mobile-friendly.

Now - Google...

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Mobile Update: March 29th

Well, April 21st is approaching and Google has maintained that their Mobile Search algorithm update is still "good to go". They have advised that this update will favor websites that are "mobile-friendly".

"Mobile-friendly" means, websites that are optimized to display on mobile device screens such as tablets and smart phones, and give mobile device users the best...

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Mobile Search Update: Feb 2015

The folks at Google have hinted in the past that they'd be looking into mobile search more closely to offer search results for users of mobile internet-enabled devices. Why? Well, with the millions of mobile Internet-enabled devices being used today, most users are not happy viewing website on their smart phones that are not mobile-friendly.


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