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IFM has been in operation and offering IT web services for over 17 years. And during that time, helping small and medium size business achieve prominence and success online has been their focus.

In 1995 IFM’s Creative Director, Len Doren, began designing interactive B2B products for the likes of CIBC, GMC Cadillac, and Titleist, just to mention a few fortune 500 companies. However, even then, the limitations of the interactive products of the day were easy to see. And, the World Wide Web was just beginning to “take off”.

IFM was born in the year 2000, providing professional website design for small business owners. Within a year, IFM also began offering hosting plans and domain management to complement their web design services.

Today, IFM still offers the same level and attention to detail with design, development and management services, and has transitioned into an exclusive WordPress development boutique.

Featured many times on PRWeb, IFM provides “real world” strategies and advice to their clients in an ever changing and competitive business climate.

what we offer


Responsive Word Press Design

With a responsive website design there’s no need to build 3 or 4 websites to accommodate various internet devices. One design will suffice, and reduce your website development costs.


Standard and WordPress Hosting plans 

Our hosting services, email infrastructure and support options are dependable, reliable – and flexible. Your hosting plan can grow right along with your business needs.


SEO Audits

Do you know which keywords are best to use in your web page copy? Do you know why your site is found on Page 3 in Google search? Can you figure out why your competitors website is ranked higher than yours? An SEO Audit will provide answers to these questions and more. And – we also include how you can improve your site’s ranking too!

our team

  • Len Doren

    Len has worked in the industry for nearly 15 years now. With a start in CD-ROM programming...

  • Jo

    Jo has provided graphics development for IFM and other companies for over 25 years. Her strong artistic,...

  • Sanjay

      Sanjay is the “go-to” guy for Cascading Style Sheet development (CSS). When we require a custom WordPress interface...

  • Carol

    A prolific writer and a consummate editor, Carol has practiced her craft for over 10 years, and has provided writing...