SEO Press Releases

There are millions of people searching online for products and services like yours every single day. Press Releases can help your business “get found” in more places like search engines with the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

However, not all press releases distribution streams are the same. The IFM SEO Press Release distribution creates brand-awareness, generates backlinks and improves search rankings in all general and major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The major difference between the average release companies and IFM Press Release service, is that IFM releases are distributed to high-level Media sites including major Associated Press outlets.

Sample Associated Press Web Distribution Outlets

  • USA Today
  • The New York Times
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Los Angeles Times
  • The Boston Globe
  • The Cincinnati Enquirer
  • The Denver Post
  • The Miami Herald
  • The Oregonian
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Hundreds more…

Our Premium Package, which includes the use of video, provides the most vibrant multimedia experience coupled with the most extensive  distribution network of all press release outlets on the web today. We can get your news to the web via Google, Yahoo, Bing, media outlets, news sites, and major national outlets through the Associated Press.

IFM SEO Press release benefits:

  • Distribution to  250,000 bloggers, journalists and news subscribers!
  • Increase website traffic within hours
  • Increase positioning on top search engines
  • Boost your “business buzz” with top-tier media coverage
  • Go Social. Go Viral. The sky is the limit
  • Generate more publicity with Top Media Outlets
  • Create increased website traffic that can last for years!

So, an SEO Press Release can be a vitally important plan for better ranking on major and general search engines and give your business a competitive edge.

Your first SEO press release can also earn you big publicity, better online visibility, and plenty of new customers who’ve viewed your news release.

Detailed Analytics

When we analyze the detailed statistics gathered from your distribution adn can advise of the immediate and longer term impact of your online news release.  We can tell you:

  •  how many people have read your press release
  • which News Release outlets have picked it up
  • how many times it was shared
  • where your prospective clients are
  • and much more

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