Website Security

Peace of Mind

shockedSite owners spend a lot of time and money crafting their websites to impress and generate contact from their site visitors. Their sites are generally informational, responsive (hopefully), and they want the site to do what it’s supposed to do – impress site visitors and entice them to make contact.

Site owners shouldn’t have to worry about their websites security. In fact, most business owners know very little about online security and what is necessary to keep a site protected.

This is where we come in.

Typically, when an unsecured site has been accessed by hackers, it’s usually well after the unauthorized access has taken place when the hackers begin to do their nasty work. It could be weeks or even months after a site has been compromised before the owners first detect oddities on their site.

We help protect your WordPress website before hackers try to attempt to gain access to your site.

Think of your website as your home. Would you ever go to sleep at night without locking the doors? Do you feel safe when you forget to set the alarm system? If you are like the average person, you make sure your doors are locked and alarm is usually turned on before retiring for the night.

Securing a

website isn’t much different. The more difficult we make it for hackers to try and gain access to a site, the more likely they’ll move on to an easier target.  We lock the front door and turn on the alarm ( so to speak).

It’s what we do day-in and day-out.

We Protect Your Reputation

Your website isn’t the only thing that can be compromised if hackers gain access to your site. When a site becomes compromised, hackers may try several things.

  • A site can be severely damaged and not work very well
  • They can send it offline
  • They can install web pages that contain adult content
  • Web pages have been found with links to bad websites
  • They can also install virus distribution
  • Use your email to send out heinous content
  • Create web pages to distribute negative propaganda
  • and much more

If your site contains any of the above, your reputation can be severely tarnished!

Our Qualifications

  • We have been designing, hosting and supporting client websites for over 15 years
  • We stay informed and up-to-date with respect to internet and security trends
  • We employ and use safe and secure methods to monitor and support our client’s sites
  • Our understanding of real-world security protocols are employed
  • We understand and respond to security issues with vigour

Some Of What We Do

  • We log into your WordPress dashboard at least once per month
  • We set up security monitoring software to monitor the site
  • We configure notification monitoring services
  • Review current plugins in use and ensure they are updated
  • We take a backup of all WordPress files, plugins, databases and images
  • We update WordPress core files when updates are available
  • We monitor and review those visitors accessing your site
  • We manage and protect against unauthorized login attempts
  • We  provide regular scans looking for malicious files and code

Additional Needs

  • We can remove malicious files, web pages, and code if discovered
  • Install previous non-infected site backups
  • Speed up website performance if your web pages are slow loading
  • Provide updates to website content as needed
  • and much more!

Want to know more about what can happen when a site is “hacked”, check out this post: “My Site Has been Hacked“.


Do you have a WordPress site and wish to have a quote for security updates and maintenance? Contact us today. For a small price, you can have peace-of-mind.