SEO Audit


To determine why a web page isn’t ranking very well, an SEO Audit is required to analyze many forms of data obtained from the website page and from the Internet as well. The data is assembled, analyzed, and measured against many standards to determine negative issues including the page text, missing or bad code, as well as many other factors.

When the data is analyzed, we supply a report on the factors influencing your site pages rankings on Google.

Here’s a sample of a few site aspects we look into:

  • analyzing a web page’s in-bound links
  • social media mentions
  • URL structure
  • internal linking structures
  • text formatting
  • page loading speed

All the above factors (and more) determine a web page’s positioning on the Search Engines.

So if you want to know why your site isn’t getting as much traffic as you feel it should, we can look into why that is, and offer suggestions on how to fix those issues!

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