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We have been developing business-class websites in the Markham, Stouffville and the GTA area since 1999. From that beginning, we’ve seen the industry change in many ways – and we’ve changed right along with the times.

What hasn’t changed, is our dedication to building high-quality, professional websites for our clients that are functional – and affordable.

Today, our business model includes mobile-friendly factors in the sites we develop. In layman’s terms, “responsive design” ensures our client’s site pages are optimized for viewing on all mobile devices. Mobile-friendly sites are are easily viewed across a wide range of mobile devices used by people on the go.

And, Google loves mobile-friendly designs and ranks our responsive sites higher in mobile searches than standard HTML sites!

With the “mobile user market” set to surpass the number of desktop computers users, going with a mobile-friendly presence is more than just a good idea.

In Front Media, as found on PRWeb

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Recent Google Insights Poll:

A recent survey by Google Insights has found that people using smart phones and other types of internet devices would rather view a responsive site. In fact, this survey also shows:

  • 48% of mobile phone users were actually annoyed when the site they are viewing is not mobile-friendly.
  • 52% of users said “a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with that company.”

Given that a bad user experience is a negative, or a “turn-off”, imagine the amount of new traffic a business could realize when using a mobile-friendly responsive design. A positive thing like updating the current site to be mobile friendly can mean new business – new business that can result in repeat business lasting for years.

Call us today for more details on how your business can benefit from a improved online presence.

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“Responsive” – the only way to go!

Elegant: Responsive websites are a “thing of beauty” and are optimized to be viewed on any type of Internet device.

Affordable: Build one site using Responsive attributes means you get one site that fits all device screens.

Mobile: Make your mobile viewers happy! 48% of mobile phone users surveyed were annoyed when the site they were viewing was not mobile-friendly.


One site for multiple device screens!



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